ETHIO 360’ን በሳተላይት ይመልከቱ !


#መልካም #ዜና======== #ሼር #ሼር#ETHIO 360’ን #በሳተላይት #ይመልከቱ !!#ከመረጃ #ቴሌቭዥን #ጋር #በመተባበር ሪሞትዎን አንስተው ጣቢያዎን መረጃ ተሌቭዥን ላይ ሲያደርጉ በጉጉት ሲጠብቁት የነበረውን የኢትዮ 360 ፕሮግራም ያገኛሉ።የሳተላይት አድራሻ===========Satellite EUTELSAT 8WBFrequency__11636Symbol Rate__27500VerticalFEC__5/6

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One thought on “ETHIO 360’ን በሳተላይት ይመልከቱ !

  1. Dr. Bekele Gessesse · Edit



    Dear Excellencies,
    Please allow me to present my deep concern for the above sensitive subject.
    a) Infestation by extremely dangerous water weed – Water hyacinth
    The Blue Nile River and its main source, Lake Tana, are currently under serious threats from an infestation by a very dangerous water weed called Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes). As you know, hundreds of millions of people in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt depend on Blue Nile and the Lake for water source, agriculture, fishery, etc. for survival. They are homes of spectacular biodiversities which are extremely important international heritages at large. Twenty eight fish types are recorded, 21 of them endemic. However, wide sources reveal that over 50,000 hectares are now heavily infested by the above mentioned dangerous weed. This, together with the on-going climate change, can be a serious threat to the survival of the Lake.
    b) Limited local capacity to remove the weed
    Although the infestation was reported around 2011, it has not yet been eradicated due to the enormity of the task and limitations of the local capacity. It is very invasive due to its rapid reproductive nature. In fact the damage is increasing, posing a very serious threat to the survival of that extremely important Lake.
    The successful removal of the infestation is a very big task. International experiences reveal that its successful removal will require integrated measures. Local farmers have been making commendable physical contributions. Some machines have also been purchased. But they are not enough. They need to be supported by appropriate machines such as automatic mowers, dredgers, cranes, aquatic weed harvesters, vegetation shredders and air boats.
    It also requires painstaking collection, chopping and burning or disposal of those dangerous weeds. Those machines are expensive. The contributions of all concerned national, regional and international bodies are required for the successful removal of this dangerous weed. It is very sad that we do not see these sorts of cooperation at the moment.
    c) The unnecessary conflict over the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
    The overwhelming Ethiopian population does not have access to electricity. Due to lack of improved methods of food production (including irrigation schemes), there is a serious problem of food security. On the other hand, both of you are making a very high use of the Blue Nile for agricultural activities and source of energy. Ethiopia did not even carry out protection of her catchment areas around the tributaries to conserve her own soil from massive erosion that is benefitting you.
    Ethiopia has given you repeated assurances that her building of the Dam will not affect your interest. In fact the joint benefits will be enormous. The River is the gift of God. Nobody on Earth can tell Ethiopia not to make a good use of her own river. As it is a trans-boundary river, nobody is trying to affect your interest. So please come to your good senses and try to be fair. Unnecessary conflicts would not be to any one’s interest. We shall rise together, instead of falling together. Instead of posing unnecessary threats, it is better to get together and fulfil the following golden tasks:
    • Complete the agreement around the Dam to ensure a fair use of the River by all parties,
    • Develop good cooperation to save Lake Tana and the important catchment areas.

    Good friendship and fulfilment of mutual interests shall be given the due priority. That is the way of our Almighty God/Allah.
    Respectfully yours

    Dr. Bekele Gessesse
    Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Expert/Consultant
    Also, Executive Director/Company Secretary of AGROFOREP
    Tel: 020 7998 8499
    Mobile: 07449143489


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