Statement by ODF on talks with the Ethiopian Government


The government delegation also expressed its enthusiasm to engage all those espousing nonviolent means of struggle. ODF Press Release A high-level delegation of the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and a delegation of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) held a fruitful discussion, from May 11-12, 2018, regarding the reforms currently unfolding in Ethiopia. Pursuant to its longstanding

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One thought on “Statement by ODF on talks with the Ethiopian Government

  1. EPRDF starting talk with ODF become a prime news of social media, at the time Oromo politic  reached a high level and advanced toward promoting  unity deffending Oromo /Oromia interest. The OPDO should knew and understood clearly that the Oromo people are fedup of divisive politics. Hence  negotiating in what so ever with ODF is tantamount to reinvigorating of the old divisive Oromo politics. 
    I am not a member of any Oromo  political party or groups. But I knew very well the top leader  of ODF who were/are senic and divisive. They never ever advance Oromo interest instead Shabia interest.  Lencho lata and his group ODF is not different from OLF. they are the same fostered the devisive politics for the last 40 years.
    Hence I urge Lencho and his group ODF to gracefuly retired from Oromo politics. To that effect the OPDO/EPRDF should negotiate as to give them only animosity to live in their country freely without meddling in Oromo politics if they want.


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