Where is Colonel Bezabeh Petros?

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Written by፡ Luel Gebremedhin(USA)
September 19/2018.

“ A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his or her freedom.”

Bob Dylan

An Ethiopian hero who fought the Somalian aggression tirelessly from July 1969 to February 1970 (Ethiopian Calendar) was Colonel Bezabeh Petros..  The father of three boys and two girls was born in 1944 in Ethiopia.

In July 27,1969, former Somalian President Mohammed Ziadbare announced to invade Ethiopian territory in the Eastern front. The Ethiopian Air force was waiting well prepared to smash the aggressor. Colonel Bezabeh Petros flew over the sky with his American made F5E war Jet and knocked eight Somalian war tanks in Eastern Ethiopia. In October 1970 , this brave Ethiopian hero infused and rocked the enemy in Jijiga Karamara. His jet got hit by the enemy combatant  at this year at the place of Karamara but he could manage remarkably and landed his fighter jet in Bishoftu.

In 1970, Colonel Bezabeh Petros branded with M21 fighter jet and attacked the Ziadbare soldiers in Diredawa.  In December 1970, Somalian Air force penetrated the Ethiopian territory and made significant attack but the Ethiopian air force ordered Colonel Bezabeh Petros and Colonel Legesse Tefera to destroy Somalian air base in Mogadishu. These two brave Ethiopian fighter jet pilots made prestigious history by destroyed the Somali jets before they made land at their air base.

In December 13,1970, the Somalian’s logistics and preparedness Center in Togo Wichale(ተጎ ውጫሌ)   cleared and mopped from the air by Colonel Bezabeh Petros and his team coordinately but again his jet got hit from the ground by the Somalian soldier artillery squad but he managed to return back home safe.

In January 1970, the Colonel finalized the road to victory after he chopped the Somalian forces at Teferi Ber the boarder where between Ethiopia and Somalia shared. Colonel Bezabeh Petros striked five Somalian tanks here at Teferi Ber(ተፈሪ በር).

Colonel Bezabeh Petros was the hero, the father, and real public servant in the Ethiopian Air force. He fought the Somalian invader from July 1969 to February 1970 with the highest dedication and devotion to his Nation. During the Ethio-Somalian war, the Colonel got hit three times but survived passionately and bravely with little physical and material damaged. In 1972, he got the highest award in Ethiopia military history for his unique and outstanding military objectivities and responsibilities he well achieved.

From 1972 to 1977, he had been moved to the Northern part of Ethiopia to confront Eritrean Liberation front(EPLF).  In 1977, Colonel Bezabeh Petros took heavy mission to hit the front at Nakfa (ናቅፋ) but his jet got hit by the front and he became captive as POW under the EPLF control.  He got release after sometimes and backed home safe from Eritrea war front.

In 1990, the two used to close partners (TPLF & EPLF) became enemy each other and turned to war over the disputed land of Badme.  Colonel Bezabeh Petros summoned by the Ethiopian authority to join the Ethiopian Air force to fight with the Eritrean aggressive move to control Ethiopia’s Northern massive territories . He joined and again flew over the Eritrean air space at low attitude and made complete destruction to the Eritrea’s military and logistic facilities near the City of Asmara. After he  has done his mission of destruction of the enemy’s target, his fighter jet couldn’t survive from the ground force of the Eritrean military personnel. Then, Colonel Bezabeh Petros rested under the hand of the Eritrean government.

The reputable and leading history of Colonel Bezabeh Petros is eternal and Priceless to count.  Ironically perhaps amazingly,  the Ethiopian government did nothing to stand the brave son of Ethiopia secure his release from his captivity in Eritrea. Now is the right time to appeal and request the Eritrean government to release our brave man to come back home safe if he is alive.

The Ethiopian people deserve to know where their son is. I am appealing to the Eritrean government let free the brave and Ethiopian hero Colonel Bezabeh Petros. I am appealing to the Ethiopian government does his part to bring our hero back home safe from the prison he is captivated. All of us need to know what happened to our all time brave and hero of Colonel Bezabeh Petros. May God helps!

Note፡ All years are being considered as Ethiopian Calendared.

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